Internet of Things

Cloud computing is the set of hardware and software as groups of remote servers that exchange data to serve as centralized data storage and computing resources for online access.

Famark is a cloud computing software platform that is designed for easy access from embedded systems. It serves for an Internet of Things that include devices that can access online services provided by Famark cloud platform.

Device and Machine Integration

Web Service Platform for Digital Device

The first major implementation of Famark was done by a healthcare device manufacturer, where digital healthcare devices were connected to Famark service platform for users who wished to track their health readings and securely monitor their daily, weekly or monthly reports.

This required Famark to be oriented for easy access from system programming language such as C/C++ or PLC*, while also maintaining consistent ease for other programming languages such as JAVA, .Net, PHP and JavaScript. This availability of service to a wide range of technologies allows the platform to be leveraged for all kinds of digital devices, including mobile phones, digital cameras, EPABX systems or industrial machineries.

Cloud Computing, Embedded System and M2M

Note: *PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) integration with REST action service is in experimental stage if you wish to collaborate with us on the research you can contact us at

What Famark provides?

The Famark cloud platform provides a secured framework but without technical limitations, to allow your wildest imaginations to take shape. Besides as major percentage of the web interface is automatically created, you can focus on functional enhancements that truly add value to the service you offer with your devices.

The Famark service is accessible through SOAP and REST (both JSON and XML based) protocols so calling the service requires just formatting string and passing it with standard web request. And string formatting can be further simplified using various already available libraries. Besides the service aspect of the platform it also automatically creates web user interfaces that can be browsed from personal computers, digital notebook or smartphone devices supporting all possible resolutions.

How to get started?

Register your domain at Famark and configure solution, entities and relation to store information.

To enable your devices to interact with Famark you need to understand the basic data structures present in the platform and how you can configure your own data structures. This information is elaborated in Famark System and Solutions guide. Besides understanding the building block elements you would need to know how to call Famark web service from embedded system and other software, this is detailed in the Famark Programming Guide.

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